N-SUITE Software Bundle

N-SUITE exploits RSI technology to overcome a series of overhead inspection limitations

These breakthrough outcomes are achieved by addressing unmet asset inspection challenges to enable significant improvement in quality, frequency and repeatability of 

  • drone image acquisition and downstream curation, that fuels 
  • a novel anomaly detection model delivering superior performance and supporting predictive analytics. 

Collectively N-PLANNER and N-SPECT software packages help transform the asset monitoring and change detection landscape that’s not been possible using today’s inspection approaches.


N-PLANNER enables automated image collection with unprecedented precision and efficiency with minimal data volume and the exact spatial resolution specified. Using high-accuracy GPS with RSI, automated flights are precisely repeated at temporal intervals and at high velocity for ad-hoc events significantly improving efficiency compared to manually flying each asset.


The powerful damage detection capability of N-SPECT is based upon 

  • anomaly detection between imaging passes. N-SPECT anomaly detection 
  • does not require large training datasets, and also 
  • can detect anomalies that have not been trained on. 
  • All that is needed is a previous time image, a current image, and the AI anomaly detection algorithm. 
  • Our architecture also supports pre-trained models that may be used to identify the type of damage detected.