ChangeAerial Selected as Member of the Southern California Energy Innovation Network

November 2022

Following a thorough and selective intake process, ChangeAerial was admitted as a member of the Southern California Energy Innovation Network (SCEIN, see  SCEIN is a free program for startups that are developing solutions to help California meet its energy goals. The program provides access to the resources and facilities of a number of regional partner organizations and connections with industry in order to accelerate the commercialization of emerging energy technologies.  The program is the result of a grant from the California Energy Commission awarded in 2016 to help advance California’s energy innovation industry. To date, 68 companies have been served by SCEIN, and these startups employ 750 people, have had 437 patents approved, and have raised over $369 million in follow-on funding from public and private sources since being accepted into the program.  

ChangeAerial supports electric utilities and other organizations that monitor, assess, and repair infrastructure conditions like damage and wear. Our innovative drone-based inspection and monitoring software helps organizations improve service, scale operations, mitigate risks and delight customers.  ChangeAerial’s pinpoint monitoring-based inspection approach and software tools accelerate automation and scalability of drone monitoring across the flight-planning, image capture, analysis and reporting workflow. Our full offering of software (N-SUITE) executes the repeat station imaging (RSI ©) end-to-end workflow using change and damage detection through AI routines supported by IP patents. This technology empowers organizations to achieve optimal drone image collections and downstream analysis, changing what’s possible with drone inspection and monitoring.

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